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This cool little coffee shop is located in an up and coming neighborhood in Northwest Denver. Surrounded by warehouses and industrial style buildings it stands out as a place to stop in. So we did. At the counter I was greeted by a Barista and possibly the owner (not 100% sure). After asking a few questions about coffee I put in an order and then had my card swiped by a tablet that can text or email you a receipt (love it). They do have a breakfast and lunch menu with some interesting items including a pork belly Bahn mi (Vietnamese sandwich) that was as good as it sounded. Although I was here on a mission to drink an insane amount of coffee I was delighted to have something so good enter the belly.
Off to my left was a bookcase with lots of coffee offerings from various roasters. Not sure how often they rotate but I saw Stumptown, Novo, Huckleberry, Dogwood, Victrolla and Boxcar. Their website also mentions Counter Culture, Handsome, Herkimer, and Intelligentsia. Whoa. I have visited most of these roasters in my travels and they definitely picked some goodies. Would like to have seen more of a local representation of roasters here but I understand the variety.
The place seemed to be littered with lots of repurposed furniture and wood giving it a mellow ambiance. A good amount of art hanging and painted on the walls gave an industrial, artsy alternative feel that made me want to relax and take it all in. They opened up the wall by the kitchen giving it a more open perception then I remembered from my last visit. By adding a serving window with bar stools it allows people to hang out and interact more with the staff or other passerbyers.(Good idea). The Overall vibe of the joint was great and has a definite local following but seemed to be somewhat acceptant of anyone. Patrons were mostly the skinny jeans, beards and tats type, but I saw some suits enjoying their coffee as well. With so many good coffees available it would be cool to sample a really clean cup brewed in a Chemex or pour over. Maybe next visit I will be able to fulfill this selfish request of mine. * Was not offered at my time of visit.
Drinks I sampled this go around were the following:
French Press: (All coffee is made via French press) Coffee today was Bufcafe by Novo. It’s a washed Bourbon from the Bufundu region of Rwanda.
Thoughts: Good cup with a granola like floral aroma that immediately greeted my nose. Medium bodied with a pronounced brightness to it. The finish was smooth and silty with a spice and orange-zest taste, typical of most Africans done in a press pot.
Cortado: Used Black Market Espresso from Cartel
Thoughts: First thought was that it was cut (what Cortado means in Spanish) with a tad too much milk, but another glance and sure enough the milk was perfectly stretched and spun (steamed properly) giving those tight little bubbles on top. The espresso seemed bright so maybe a blend with a Bourbon varietal. The finish on this drink was ultra smooth as hints of buttery chocolate left a satisfying yet subtle sweetness on the tongue that wasn’t expected. Was pleasantly surprised to taste a perfect balance of milk and espresso which is normally not the case.
Mocha: Used Black Market Espresso from Cartel
Thoughts: Nothing worse than an overly sweet (too much chocolate) mocha. This wasn’t the case here. A perfect balance of chocolate syrup and frothed milk complimented the brighter than usual espresso used. A good Barista knows balance of ingredients when it comes to their creations so I tip my hat for this one. Was going to go back for a shot but glad I finished up with this treat as it left my palate satiated like any great desert would.

As I walked out it dawned on me that this was probably one of my best coffee stops here in Denver. Seattle and Portland watch out.

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