Metropolis coffee review-LoHi (Highlands)

Metropolis coffee LoHiAnother 5 star coffee shop just opened up in the LoHi area two weeks ago at 1661 Central Street.

Miguel of Metropolis has opened the second location which sits beneath a residential building (lucky bastards) overlooking downtown and steps from the 16th street pedestrian bridge. Since it was National Coffee Day we wanted to do a coffee review someplace we knew would not miss the mark. Good call here.

Usually when you visit a coffee shop that’s recently opened you don’t expect a well-oiled machine; it takes time to find a rhythm and get situated. So you can tell experience is on his side as the flow of the place was spot on. Walking in you see a cool bar design that features a pour over station equipped with Bonmac pour overs, Chemex and a Syneso espresso machine. A well thought out Industrial ambiance with killer wood architecture on the walls entices you to sit down and relax. The outside patio has stellar views of downtown and is perfect for people watching. Metropolis is featuring Seattle based Herkimer coffee with various varieties you can buy to take home or sample there. At the time of this coffee review the original locale is not offering manual brew options.Metropolis LoHi

Since Miguel is a World Barista Competition Judge he definitely understands the value of good water to brew with. So hanging on the wall almost like an art piece is a three stage water filtration system that provides clean and pure water for all brewing operations. Coffee, after all is 99% water so this can make or break a cup if you start off on the wrong foot.

The menu is simple and clean almost like a starting point or guide to build off of. Espresso shots, Cortados, Lattes, chino’s, French press and manual brews.  In talking to Miguel though it sounds like he will pretty much accommodate any reasonable request. When you stop in be sure to ask what tastes the best via pour over or chemex that day and you will surely be guided in the right direction.

Metropolis coffeeThanks for opening up a second location that’s serving up a great coffee experience, I’m positive you LoHi residents will love it. Drinks we sampled today were a pour over with Honduran coffee, espresso shot and a Latte (had to see the art).

Bonmac Pour over: Used Herkimer Honduran single origin

Thoughts: This coffee had a dry fragrance to it with hints of caramel. This is a super bright coffee with a fairly complex profile and balanced sweetness. I think Honduran coffees have come a long way and deserve to be hailed as Specialty coffees instead of shadowing or riding the heels of their neighbors.

Espresso shot: Used Herkimer medium roast espresso blend

Thoughts: Crema looked beautiful and had great aroma to it. Without a stir you easily discover some different layered flavor profiles. Even the last sip which was a tad cold (started to pay attention to the latte) tasted superior to anything you will get at a chain or box joint.

Metropolis coffee

Latte at Metropolis LoHi

Latte: Herkimer espresso blend

Thoughts: Will let the initial appearance speak for itself. Design, cemetery and edges were perfect though. A good latte in my opinion is naturally sweetened by the milk and espresso so no extra condiments needed. As a side note I would challenge anyone that’s new to gourmet or specialty coffee to try it first in its original condition. You will find that fresh, well-crafted coffee is void of the normal taints that require cream and sugar in order to appreciate.

I highly recommend this place if your in the Highlands or visiting Denver.

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  1. Alex says:

    Live right up the street from here. Great coffee, and love what ever is in the espresso blend. Get a single or double and be ready for a shock to your palate.

  2. i read your article and loave it so much ,thank you so much.

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