2914 Coffee review-Jefferson Park

2914 Coffee reviewI will most likely be the last to ever say that Denver does not need another coffee shop, no matter how many there are. So when 2914 Coffee opened earlier this year in the Highlands I knew we would be checking things out. Anthony Davis, (former Amante Barista) opened up 2914 coffee with his wife and has been pulling shots and throwing down sick latte art since.

I strolled in today not knowing what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised with the ambiance. The place is wide open and bright. A nice retro modern feel to it with some bad ass art hanging around. Apparently Mr. Davis is an artist with both canvas and the lattes. There is plenty of seating for relaxing, game playing, reading or whatever your fancy may be. The menu beholds your basic drinks except for the Akumal and Affogato. The Akumal is a Mexican style spicy mocha and the Affogato is espresso over ice cream, Yum! More on that in a bit.

Shots are pulled with a La Marzocco espresso machine and drip coffee is prepared with commercial brewers. At the time we visited there were no manual pour options (pour-over, chemex, siphons, aeropress, etc.) and possibly not in the plans. Some may see this as being outmoded. I see it as being different. Not every coffee shop needs to offer the same thing. Create a cool neighborhood vibe, serve great drinks and consequently they shall come. They also have loose leaf teas, pastries and really good sandwiches from Boulder’s Spruce Confections.counter at 2914 coffee

I’m elated to see local Roaster Kaladi Bros being represented here. Although I lean towards the drum roasted coffee myself, I don’t feel the need to be biased. I ought not to get into the age old debate about the differences between air-roasted and drum-roasted coffee either (Maybe another post). I have had great “air-roasted” coffee before. So no matter what coffee purveyor each shop chooses, the point is to find coffee they deem to be the best, right? Keeping it local makes sense to me as far as full life cycle goes. Choosing to buy our products locally keeps our local economy thriving, does it not? I wanted to go to school for economics just never got around to it.

This Jefferson Park area was definitely due for a cool neighborhood coffee shop and I believe they got it. Hopefully the locals get out and support Anthony and his wife so this place sticks around.

2914 coffee review

Akumal (left) Espresso and Drip India coffee (right)

Coffees we sampled today:

Espresso shot: Used Kaladi Trieste Espresso blend

Thoughts: Initial crema belied what I found beneath it. It looked and smelled great, unfortunately, the flavors didn’t hang well all the way to the bottom. I prefer light/medium roast for espresso, but this dark/oily roast did a pretty good job. You will pick up on the rich, smoky notes with the finish.

Drip coffee: Used Kaladi India Karnataka Kimaya Jeelan Estate

Thoughts: The aroma was spicy and nutty all at once. First sip revealed a perfect balance of acidity and a light/medium body. You get slight hints of cinnamon or allspice as the cup faded. I have had some India Monsooned coffees that were dry, woodsy, syrupy and heavy bodied, but this was really clean. The finish was sweet and satisfying as well. Great cup.

Akamul: Spicy Mocha made with cayenne pepper

Thoughts: This drink gets its name from the place the owners were married, Akumal, Mexico. This is not your traditional mocha since it is prepared with cayenne pepper. I have had a Mexican Mocha before but this seemed to have more life. It had just enough spice married with the chocolate, milk, and espresso to make you salivate. As you drink it you really feel the pepper in the back of your throat, but not overwhelming. Love it. If you have yet to partake in a spicy Mocha (Akumal here), I definitely recommend doing so.

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